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Summer Fresh

More Super Cute Summer Gear to feast your eyes on.

Make sure you go check out these adorable bikinis from .twenty13. so freakn cute and fun 🙂

If you haven’t been to the Oh My Gacha yet you need to and make sure you take your lindens.

Also super new and super  cute is this new skin from {AIMI} comes with and with out freckles so you can change it up ♥

Summer Fresh

Head to Toe

Riske – My Summer Scoops Rainbow RARE // OMG

!lamb. Pocket Knife Chocolate Bars Hair

{AIMI} Belle Natural no Freckles NEW!

.T13. Ladies Ally Kini – Rainbow Brite NEW!

AITUI Beach Bag Turtle Back

RD Style Cute Flat Shoes #7 Yellow

Cuteness….Im ready to laze on the beach now…take me.

Mwuahs xxx

Feeling Lucky

There are those days when you just can’t believe how incredibly lucky you are.

I have been getting more of those days lately and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

Just the simplest thing makes me realise how lucky I am and this huge goofy smile is a dead give away.



{AIMI} Celine Skin Chocolate ♥


::::ChicChica:::: Giovanna Shape

L*inc Phat azz

Lola Mirage

Slink Casual Hands

Slink High Feet


+Spellbound+ Sunday


:Diamante: Aviators


[Twinkle] Get Lucky // Bro Couture & Body Boudoir


[ Infliction ] Vix Wedges Black


:Diamante: Multi Interlocking Bangles


:Diamante: Edge Rings slink casual hand


:Diamante: Dignity  Double nose ring

:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing


.random.Matter. Abbandon Black


.twenty13. Slink av.enhance Pride 01

Mwuahs xxx


Soo I was driving to work the other morning and worrying because I had lost my mojo for blogging no outfit working and I wasnt getting that feeling from my awesome sponsors I was at a a loss…..so I listened to music that always helps me to focus . 

Music is like a drug to me it is always there when I need it.

So I was driving and listening I was singing loud and badly lol but I was loving it then I heard this and all of a sudden an idea formed so clear I knew exactly what I wanted to do and here it is.

Musical Inspiration –> Ŀ♡ѴƐ


Skin // {AIMI} Skin Lucy Chocolate New ♥ TY

Body // My Shape, Slink Relaxed Hands

Hair // +Spellbound+ MoonSugar Natural Selection


Top // .twenty13. Summer Outfit Malibu (See below for more details) Exclusive // EB Event

Pants // .twenty13. Saroum Pants – Monroe ♥ TY gah I love pink ♥ // The 100 Block

Shoes // FLite Cinics Pink // Limited

Hat // PMS Grunge Hat with Hud Rare // Oh!Like Blah Gacha TY ♥


Face Piercing // :Diamante: Gluttony Facial Piercing TY ♥

Ring // PMS -Steampunk/Punk Ring with Hud Rare // Oh! Like Blah Gacha TY ♥

Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gacha Event Will run from 25th of April till the 11th of May.

 Tattoo // PMS I See You & PMS Free Yourself  TY ♥

Cigarette // ::T:: e-Cigarette _ BlackPink // Suicide Dollz

So many new events happening in sl as always so many things to go see but what really makes me think is these events with meaning  this new event has been brought to my attention and I think its a great cause.

Make sure you get to the EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) Event to help raise funds and awareness. .Twenty13. has an exclusive item for the event and at an already reduced price they are giving 50% of there sales to raise money for the DEBRA foundation.

Event starts on April 28th Please go support a good cause.

Heres a few sites I looked to for more information about this disease.



Soo I decided to put my hair up and head to the beach to show off these gorgeous designs


6 to Suite your Mood


Hair // +Spellbound+ Sunday New ♥

Outfit // Includes both Mesh and fitted Mesh versions Summer Shorts and Top.

Cupcake, It’s Summer, Malibu, Sunshine, SunTan City & Woodstock

Soo Freaking Sexy and Adorable and for a good cause it doesnt get much better then that.

Mwuahs xxx

Hello my name is

hello my name is

Skin // Labyrinth Leaf Skin -The GuyLiner

//Nivaro Beards 10. Trimmed Beard

Hair // ::Exile:: Days go By Dark Brown

Accessories //.twenty13. Mesh ID Badge Go Fuck Yourself

Outfit //.twenty13. Mesh Unisex Baggy Sweats Bleak

//.twenty13. Open Hoodie Dixon

Shoes // FLite. Flytop Lows Limited 2.0 

Tattoo //PMS My Native Roots

Glasses //:Diamante: Urban Tactic Sunglasses

Piercings //:Diamante: Sincere Facial Piercing

So I was cleaning inventory and saw all this guy stuff and forgot that I had bought stuff in case my sl son left and i was with out a male blogger….not that I need to have a male blogger but some of my awesome sponsors have such cool stuff for guys. So for those guys that need to find some awesome new gear I suggest you hit up .twenty13. for some clothes you wont be disappointed.


You Don’t Know Me

You dont knw me

Skin -(r)M Ivy skin with freckles No14

Hair +Spellbound+ MoonSugar// Natural Selection New!!

.twenty13. Mesh Animal Beanie // Grey Face @Happy Bunny Gacha

.twenty13. Saroum Pants – Confident @The 100 Block

Reckless. – Life Tattoo

Slink Flat Feet

Slink Relaxed Hands

Mandala Elf Ears

:Diamante: Sincere Facial Piercing New!

Hope you all have a wonderful day

Mwuahs xxx

Is this the special bus I have a pass

Once again I want to express my love for the designers of sl and all the hard work they do for us.

.twenty13. has brought us a sexy cool pair of baggy pants at you can find at the 100 block event.

And even cuter is this Mesh ID badge you can pick up at the Happy Bunny Gacha Fair on the 14th…….Guess what!!!! .Twenty13. is a sponsor so you have to go check it out as soon as it opens!!

I love it when you can have some fun when your doing some work as well 🙂 Isnt that what its all about.

 Is this the special bus


{AIMI} Skin Ivy Chocolate


/Wasabi pills/ Marin Mesh Hair Brown Pack


-Dappa- Croptop Get High

.twenty13. Mesh Unisex Baggy Sweats Happy @100 Block


Reign wedges flip flops black


.twenty13. mesh ID Badge FBI Gacha Rare @Happy  Bunny Gacha Fair


.Reckless. Void @Suicide Dollz

Vixen Angel of Death

Body Parts

Slink Relaxed Female hands

Slink Mid Female Feet

[MANDALA] Stretched Ears

So many awesome designers at this event go check them out but make sure you stop by .Twenty13. for these amazing items,.

100 Block 1x1 Flier Orange 2014 v3

Mwuahs xxxx

Does That Make Me CrAzY


So I haven’t really been feeling it lately my rl has been so hectic and I’ve not been well but I was playing in my inventory and fell across these adorable boots from [twenty 13] and just had to share them ♥

~Tableu Vivant~ Gloster Hair Equinox  @The Attic

BabyDoll. Boobie Top Cyan

[LDP] Black Ripped Jean @WCF

.twenty13. Unisex Alley Boots – Manhattan

:Diamante: Urban Candies Sunglasses @Krave Urban Fair

:Diamante: Heart Diamnd Ring Gacha Pink RARE @Krave Urban Fair

PMS Tribal Sleeve Tattoo and GG Free Yourself Tattoo

This was so cute and I love playing around with outfit were I dont have to take my boobs and Azz off lol

Mwuahs xxx


So I get to chill out at home watch some terrible movies that make me laugh I love this time.

I like to get comfy I like to chill.


^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Zoe Hair [5]

.twenty13. Cardigan and Tee Catwoman

.twenty13.  Jeans Blue Bleached

.twenty13. BabyGirl Boots Blue


Get over to .twenty13. Check out the amazing stuff they have.

Mwuahs xxx

The Simple Life


Here I am I’ve had a long hard week at work and I still have the weekend to go before I get a day off but I missed this I missed the beauty of Second Life the simple pleasure of doing something that would make me happy.

So last week I bought a new house and I am so madly in love with it you will be seeing so much more it as I continue to blog.


{iD} – haco

Now onto my own cuteness.

I was finding that I was being to influenced by others around me and was losing what I was feeling comfortable in I think I have found me again so I cant wait to see what happens next.

TRUTH HAIR – Zendaya

[MANDALA] Female Taper Ears

Okay so I think you all kow how much I am totally in love with a few select designers who I have had the extreme pleasure of being able to blog for so here is the latest tattoo from PMS Its called Bulletproof and will be available for you to pick up on the Jack and  Jill Hunt

PMS – Bulletproof

February 1 – 28, 2014

Jack Or Jill is a Split Path GRID WIDE Hunt that will send hunters down gender appropriate paths in search of specific Hunt objects.

The start location is Razor/// Main store, a MALE and FEMALE gift will be provided ONLY at this location. Once you have found the gift at Razor/// the hunt path splits and leads you to 50 stores on each path that will provide gender appropriate gifts, for free

{Start Here}

So another big smile moment for me was my blog was seen by another awesome designer and I was asked to bog for them.

.twenty13. is a great store with amazing gear for men and women head on over and see what they have to offer.

.twenty13. Ladies Mesh Tied Shirt – Le Moustache Red

Tying in nicely with this great shirt is a cute little necklace from :Diamante: get over to The Hispter Fair to pick it up before its gone and while you think about it head to the main store to see more amazing jewellery like these cute rings.

:Diamante: Mustache Necklace Exclusive to The Hipster Fair

:Diamante: Melody Rings

Finishing off this outfit are these adorable shorts you can pick up from [Beyond The Stars] these are unbuttoned for that added cheekiness 😉

[BTS]  Unbuttoned Shorts.

I love Second Life the freedom to be create what you want to create beauty that gets enjoyed by so many.

Thank you for reading and I hope you come back soon.

Mwuahs xxx

Never get your hopes up

Im in an awful mood I was so excited when I woke up today I was so looking forward to being here and sharing my joy with you all.

Ugh and now Im here all upset and mad and probably for no good reason Its probably all my own fault for getting my hopes up.

Life is Life you can’t control it you just gotta roll with the punches.

But here are some new items that I wanted to show you all because they are pretty and pretty makes me happy



*Milk*Hair~Holes in my Sweater (New) @Suicide Dollz


-SU!- Flipy Cropped Tank top Black (New)

.twenty13. Mesh Jeans Blue Bleached (New)


Arent they just the sexiness all together 😉

Mwuahs xxx


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