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Nothing makes me happier then getting to spend time with my rl bestie in sl.

Yes I know we get to spend time in rl but I love sl so I love it more when she comes and plays with me.

Sooo I love TWINKLE the colours are amazing they make me happy and so blogging a new outfit with my bestie makes me happier then you could imagine 🙂

Oh did I mention how much I loves her 🙂

Okay here is the sexiness

Yay Bish


Skin // {AIMI} Skin Sofie Natural TY ♥

Serious I was lost in love with the dimple

Hair // Truth Hair Anita Blonde

Outfit // [Twinkle] Lollipop Orange // Bodify

Feet // [Twinkle] Chained Barefoot Sandals// Fashion Wardrobe

Bracelets // :Diamante: Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles

Tattoo // :Diamante: & {K] UV-MicroDermal piercing and Tattoo

Piercing // :Diamante: & {K} Trance Facial Piercing


Skin // *League* Isla Medium

Hair // Truth Hair Dove Browns

Outfit // [Twinkle] Lollipop Green // Bodify

{AIMI} Skins has done it again Here they bring us Sofie who is absolutely adorable and I love the dimples soo much.

Natural, Chocolate, Cocoa

Aimi Sofie

Mwuahs xxx

Just around the corner

Feeling the weather and soon it will be cold so I wanna soak up as much sun as I can I want to get out and enjoy everything.

So I got accepted to blog for another awesome store and I cant wait to bring you more from them.

Today is an item that I feel so comfy in this is totally me in rl lol.

PicMonkey Collage


(r) M ~(Skin) Maple, NO 14 ~(1) Ivy with Freckles ♥


TRUTH HAIR – Jolene with hat and HUD


RD. Style Outfit Amanda


_CandyDoll_ Sweet Flats Black for Slink Flat Feet


:Diamante: Chained Heart Facial Piercing (New!!)

:Diamante: Sideways Cross Corded Necklace

:Diamante: Queen of Hearts Watch Teal

:Z.S: Cheeky Dimples with Piercings

REIGN – Slouchy Pack Studded Edition Grey Chevron


SOURIRES – My Kingdom

Love Love Love

And now I am off to bed I pushed myself for longer then I should have tonight but I was inspired by the cuteness.

Mwuahs xxx

Watching as the World Turns

I love the beach the peaceful serenity of the waves as they crash against the rocks the way the breeze runs along the top of the sand the heat and the sweat mixed with the smell of tanned skin.

I could stay here all day and watch as the world changes….the sun setting sending a shimmer across the water making it look like an ocean of gold.


TRUTH Hair Gaia

!!SpoiledLiLBrat!!!! SpoliedLiLBrat!! you so jelly blue (Lola & Phat azz) @Suicide Dollz Event

Saw the name and had to have it ♥

Izzies HeartKey Necklace @TDRF

SOURIRES TATTOOS – My Kingdom (w/Phat Azz & Slink) @Suicide Dollz Event


PMS – Free Yourself

Poses/ Props

LISP 604 Sunbathing Set Blue


I could stay here forever laze the whole day away.

Mwuahs xxx



The First of Me

I must make a choice
A tough decision
Listen to my voice
Should I give in
To temptation, admiration
One leads to myself
The other some one else
Just an empty shell
Just an empty shell


It’s harder than it seems
When you’re told that
All your hopes and dreams
Are yours to hold if
You just give them
What’s expected
Something they can sell
Put upon a shelf
But I am not for sale
I am not for sale


I hear a voice inside
It’s grown into a scream
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me
’cause I can’t live the lie
I am just what you see
I’m not the next of them
I am the first of me


TRUTH HAIR – Tyr (New)

!.RR.! CleoJumpsuit – Black

*REIGN – Buckled Pumps Black Teal (Limited Sold Out)

.PANIK. Skully Headband (New)

:Diamante: LOVE Necklace

:Diamante: Bracelet Gachas @The Thrift Shop

:Diamante: Melody Rings Teal

:Diamante: Queen of Hearts Wristwatch Teal @The Thrift Shop

:Diamante: Romance Clutch Teal

Suicide Gurls Slink Heart Handand Feet Tattoo @Suicide Dollz Event

This turned out so pretty….I am in love with this new hair from Truth I mean who isnt right its gorgeous.

Can you guess my fav colour?? Lol I love it it pops and I love that all my fav people have so many wonderful items for me in Teal ♥

:Diamante:…..where do you start with the love for her and the beautiful jewellery thats been created….go get all of it its amazing!!!!

Mwuahs xxx

This is Gonna Hurt

So when I started this post last night I was in a bad mood I was upset at stuff and was going to let it show…..SOO Glad I didnt post anything because I had an awakening about stuff and instead I just want to bring you some cuteness.

Lets get straight into the post cause I have a heap of stuff I want to let you know about.


I’ve been dying to wear this outfit I love it I picked it up at Project Limited and fell in love with the texture and detail so I decided to have a little fun with it tonight.


[SAKIDE] Dashing Outfit ….dem pants ♥

*REIGN – EMPEROR HEELS – Crimson/Black

Munique . Angle Piercing @fi*Friday

Oooo Soo there are so many hunts going on at the moment its alot of fun and there are so many different things that I want soo I guess that means I get to do them all YAY!!

_Diamante_ Ruby Romance Clutch - Hunt Gift - Ad

Bag It! Pack It! Clutch It!

Start Here

If you havent guessed its a hunt for bags 🙂

Clues Here

I love all things Diamante if you havent guessed and this Clutch is a perfect example of why! ♥

:Diamante: Ruby Romance Clutch

Perfect for those outfits that need a splash of colour


So another Diamante item this one can be found at “The Style Icon” Fashion Fair and to me Diamante fits right in I adore this necklace and earring set you will all be seeing it alot I dare say ♥

:Diamante: Immortal Necklace & Earring Set EXCLUSIVE!!

“The Style Icon” Fashion Fair runs from February 7th – February 28th 

You don’t want to miss out on this.

Okay so Seriously you should just follow Diamante around and buy all their stuff cause its amazing as you all know I love them


I hope you all have a wonderful night and I will see you all again soon Soo many ideas flowing at the moment can’t wait 🙂

The Weather Outside is Delightful


Hair & Body 

TRUTH HAIR – Coral 2 Variety

Lola ::Tango Mirage::

Slink Female Mid Feet

Slink Female Relaxed Hands



   1 Hundred. Snuggle Me Top Pink @ Bodify

*REIGN – Jeggings V2 Pure

*Reign – Cozies Mid Feet Pink (New)


=Zenith= Leather Trapper Hat Rose @ TMD

[MANDALA] SITENNOAH watch & Bracelet white

[MANDALA] Pearl Rain Set Cream

~Pepper~ Clasp Belt

:Z.S: Cross Chest Implant (New)

PMS – Body of Roses



So many beautiful Items coming out lately I am trying to keep up I just want to show you all the amazing designs that have caught my eye. Angel and I are blogging up a storm for you all I hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them for you.

Mwuahs xxx


Im Ready forCombat

If you havent been down already get there now you only have a few days left before the new round of Cosmopolitan Sales Room begins and even if you missed the SSSS sale get to the street and check out the amazing designs that are instore for you.


Hair & Body


I caved to the hype and bought the Cute Azz.

*L.inc* Cute Azz

Slink AvEnhance Female Hands Relaxed

Lolas ::: Tango Mirage :::

Clothing & Accessories

Rawrrr, How sexy is this outfit from **Sjaja** You can find this at the CSR

**Sjaja** Bibi Dress, Phat Azz Lolas Gun and Collar @CSR

Chary . Skeem Socks (Inverted Cross)

Flite . Corporals Black LowRiders

..:::Scrub::… Point of View Bracelets

Chary. Vanity Tatt


So after a few days off I needed to get back into the swing of it I needed to let my fashion blossom lol Yay for blogging ♥ I am slowly filling…I wonder when I will get full.

Mwuahs xxx

I feel Punked


I saw this dress and loved it the ideas flowed I knew I needed to put it together even if I was falling asleep.

Hair & Body

7 Deadly s{K}ins ♥ Cosmopolotain Indy @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room


Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Relaxed



Jenny! Dress by Zeigesit – aqua @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room

-DRD- female – armor grunge

[ContraptioN] Wainwright Glasses @TMD 

Pixel Box Steampunk Necklace “Lady Lilly Monsell”

-SU!- Lady Rebel Socks #06

-SU!- Bloody knees #03

Flite Corporals Black lowriders (Limited edition sold out)I fee


:Diamante: Domination Horns – Brown


Okies Im off to dream I cant wait to come back soon and play some more 🙂

Have a wonderful day / night

Mwuahs xxx

Youth of a Nation

I wonder how quick I can do this post before the Zzzzzzzz hit me and the idea is still flowing with me.

I am loving the oppurtunity to Blog for Cosmopolitan Sale Room and SLebrity SLection Street Sale.

So I have combined the two in this one post the Jeans are only 50L Woot!!


 TRUTH HAIR ♦ Zendaya

[7891.] ♦ Imperial Earrings Yellow @CSR

Sugel Co. ♦ [Inky] Pacman Ghosts Glasses @CSR


KATHAARAN ♦ Vest Ladies Baroness @CSR

.::KL Couture::. ♦ Basic Jeans black @SSSS

Flite. ♦ Flytop Lows Crimson @TMD


AITUI ♦ Sk8 Bag @TMD

PMS ♦ My Native Roots Tattoo

..::: Srub :::.. ♦ Point of View Bracelets

:Hebenon Vial: ♦ Mouth [Ink]

Slink ♦ AvEnhance Hands Female Relaxed


I am the Frost


I am the frost I am the chill in your heart as you wake to the new day…

TRUTH HAIR – Ainsley (NEW!)

S&C. Natalee Tan Skin (80% off closing down sale)

::BB:: Calypso Tank Dress SkyBlue


[MANDALA] Unisex Pierced Elf Ears Ver1 (NEW!)

[MANDALA] Tefutefu set Diamond necklace (NEW!)

O.M.E.N Stormborn Bracers (GG)

PMS – Birds of a feather


The dawn of the new day brings with it the sun but my heart is still cold I am still the Frost.

Oh my lovelies I want to say thank you to each and every one who reads this that gives me the thrill to go on.

Please show your love and support to these wonderful designers who work so hard for our enjoyment.

Stay safe where ever you are I will see you again soon.

Mwuahs xxx




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