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Its the end of the line…

Stuff happens and you get shafted each and every time you open your heart.



{AIMI} Celine Chocolate New!!! TYSM


little bones. Eulogy


Bens Boutique Warrior Outfit ZARA

Includes Boots and Glasses


:Diamante: Aviator Glasses Unisex


PMS Skeleton Tattoo // Thrift Shop

Mwuahs xxx

That Unnamed Feeling

Been here before
Been here before couldn’t say I liked it
Do I start writing this down?
Just let me plug you into my world
Can’t you help me be uncrazy?

Name this for me, heat the cold air
Take the chill off of my life
And if I could I’d turn my eyes
To look inside and see what’s comin’

It comes alive, It comes alive, It comes alive
And I die a little more
It comes alive, It comes alive, It comes alive
Each moment here I die a little more

Then the unnamed feeling
It comes alive
The the unnamed feeling
Takes me away

Musical Inspiration –> Lσ√ε


Hair // little bones West Coast // TCF

Eyebrows // .r.M. Misery

Eyeliner // MONS Eyeliner Royal // TDRF

Ears // Mandala Tapers

Necklace // Cute Poison Tagged Necklace Slut 

Outfit // [THD] Zebra Top lola

[LDP] Black Ripped Jeans Phat azz

Shoes // **Dirty Princess** Gladiator Couture Boots for Slink

Piercings // Cute Poison Hush in Black Face

Cute Poison Hip Accent

Bracelets // [orage] Studs // CSR

Tattoos // *PerveTTe* Infinity slink Hands

C h a r y – Untamed

Just a bit of fun loving the new gear ♥

Mwuahs xxx

Trapped Under Ice

I don’t know how to live through this hell
Woken up, I’m still locked in this shell
Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Break the ice, I can’t take anymore

Freezing, can’t move at all
Screaming, can’t hear my call
I am dying to live, cry out
I’m trapped under ice

Crystallized, as I lay here and rest
Eyes of glass stare directly at death
From deep sleep I have broken away
No one knows, no one hears what I say

Musical Inspiration –> ԼƠƔЄ ƁЄƳƠƝƊ ƜƠƦƊƧ


Body // My Shape, Slink feet and Hands, Lolas and Phat azz

Skin // {AIMI} Skin Mona Lisa // FASHIONART

Remember this skin is exclusive to only this event and at only 250L youd be silly not to grab it.

Hair // little bones. Ministry.

Outfit // [Twinkle] Bodylicious Bodysuits – Blue

[Twinkle] Bodylicious Stockings – Blue

You can get these at the BB&B Event 

Wings // >.< “Eclipse” Wings Monochrome Pack

Jewellery // :Diamante: Innocense Collar Black

:Diamante: Interlocking Multi Ring Bangles

:Diamante: Trilogy Piercing

:Diamante: Heart Diamond Headband

Poses // !bang -stands 395-399 // FLF

FLF may have passed but go have a look at the poses they are soo worth it 🙂

Soo this was the first time I actually tried to use Photoshop and it was fun soo with alot and I mean alot of practise I think I could be happy to use it again.

Thank goodness for the internet and how to guides for dummies 😛

Mwuahs xxx



Because Im Happy

How can you not be happy when everything seems to be going right when the things that make you happy keep happening.

And to top off that happiness I get to dress up and this outfit from RD_Style is all types of happiness rolled into one.

Musical Inspiration –> Ŀ♡ѴƐ

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Hair // little bones Trouble Group Gift TY ♥

Outfit // RD_Style Kawaii Sun TY ♥// Exclusive for the Candy Factory

Including shoes and stockings for Slink

Soo this is from one of my all time favourite designers she left for a while and I was devastated but she is back and her designs are better then ever I am so madly in love so watch this space for plenty from me her designs will be like a secret fetish but dont tell any one 🙂

♥Sugar & Cyanide♥

PicMonkey Collage1

Outfit // S&C Sunny // Candy Factory

Shoes // Reign Asphyxia heels Onyx

Jewellery // :Diamante: Interlocking Multi Ring Bangles

Soo adorable Love this colour soo much makes me happy 🙂

Mwuahs xxx

I think the wheels have fallen off

Is it just me or do other bloggers get outfit block when they get given stuff to blog?

The last few days have been like that for me and I have been trying so hard to get out of it.

Gah then I have been having mesh issues with some outfits and I cant seem to fix it …so many people have given so many different thoughts on it Still its not fixed…hopefully soon.

So here is a new outfit from RD_Style I love how al the guess work is taken out of it for you as the lovely talented Renata makes these outfits all set to go with shoes and even slink nail appliers as well.

Meet Jessica ♥

the wheels fell off

Skin -Glam Affair- Aria Jamaica @C88

Hair – little bones Stepping Stones

Jessica Outfit -Shorts, Top,  Cardigan and shoes and socks in a complete outfit from RD_Style

Piercing – :Diamante: Trilogy Mouth NEW!

I love how all the :Diamante: piercigs come with an awesome HUD to change the colours ♥

Accessories – Camera {AMITOMO} Vintage Camera

Prop /XIAJ x ZZANG / Postman Bike

Poses – Label Motion Lucia @TDRF

Neon Night

, OMG!!!

GROUP GIFT FOR little bones!!!!

I am soo in love right now ♥

PicMonkey Collage


little bones Black Magic (GG!!!)


RD Style Camille Outfit #1 (NEW!!!)


FLite Navigators Studded Edition ♥


[glow] Studio Free My Heart (gold/col)

:Diamante: Gluttony Piercings (NEW!!!!)


MONS Eyeshadow Dramatic Smokey @TDRF


Label Motion Zoe Poses @TDRF

I am dying I am sooo in love right now

Mwuahs xxx

Ain’t No Sunshine

I have these moments in sl now when I feel so alone and If I’m not at work in the real world I just sit and stare at my screen….there’s only so much inventory one can do right lol.

Besides I need to leave something to do for the 8 weeks off I have coming up due to surgery.

I look forward to every moment I get to spend with my dear new friends who light up my time in here. Its a nice change to have people excited to hang with me and since they are fellow bloggers we all get to sit around and do the same stuff together 🙂

But when certain people leave me for that thing called sleep…lol I get lonely.

So here’s a blog to brighten my day a sexy new outfit Rawwr.

PicMonkey Collage


(r)M – (Skin) Maple, No. 14 ~ Ivy, Freckles ♥ @ The Skin Fair

little bones Full Moon Blondes @ The Big Show 

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes Blue Deep


.::VD::. Sugha Bra Black w. Lola App

.::VD::. Jacomo Pants Black w. Phat Azz App


PMS Tribal Sleeve Tattoo 

PMS Free Yourself GG


[Mandala] Stretched Ears

:Z.S: Cheek Dimples with Piercings

*Blitzed* Legacy Cuffs Black

The texture on these pants from .::Voodoo Dollz::. is just gorgeous and so many colours to choose from ♥

Have a wonderful day enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

Mwuahs xxx


Hahahahahaha OMG I was crying with laughter as I as paying the other night just messing around not meaning to do a blog like this but I loved the pics and was like you know what its all about having fun right so here I am doing it lol.


Sending huge Love to Sandowl for her gorgeous Urban Outfit go check it out at Krave Inc Freestyle Urban Fair

PMS Urban Outfit @Krave

PMS Leather Bracelet @Krave

:Diamante: Urban Candies Sunglasses @Krave

:Diamante: Heart Diamond Ring Gacha @Krave

:Diamante: Heart Diamond Headband Gacha @Krave

PMS Tribal Sleeve Tattoo and Hand slink Tattoo

Hair 123

1 little bones Sea Wolf

2 little bones Corner Cafe

3 little bones Flower Door

What a giggle I had ….I can’t wait to get into Krave and have alook at what else is there Woot!!

Mwuahs xxx

She Makes Me Wanna….

What a day that was when I was off minding my own business shopping and this gorgeous goddess jumps in my inbox ♥ Al3xa ♥

And so far the ride has been amazing I haven’t stopped smiling since then and she pushes me to try new looks.



On Me

little bones. Eulogy Blondes @Kustom  9

::Diamante:: Innocense Collar Black

*Milk* My Mean Girl Mini Black @fi*Friday

*MUKA  Armbands and Cuffs Love

*L.inc Phat azz

::Lolas:: Mirage

:Z.S: Cheek dimples and piercings

On Al3xa


[RunAway] Amy


*Milk* My Mean Girl Mini Pink @fi*Friday

I had so much fun making this with her.

Thank you Al3xa for the amazing pic

Mwuahs xxx


So I went back to WCF no people no lag easy to see everything real quick lol.

I couldn’t help myself now I am addicted to my phat azz I needed more outfits.

So here is my newest love.


Panda Punx ♥


(r)M – Skin Maple No14 Ivy with Freckle


little bones. Eulogy Blondes 


Blah. ( My Rawr crop Top ) Pink

Blah. ( My Cheetah Jumper ) Pink

Blah. ( My Toeless Sheer Stockings ) Pink

Blah. ( My Cute Bow Platforms ) White

All Blah is picked up from The Whore Couture Fair

I know I need to hit that fair up all over again I am sure I have missed even more sexiness.

Mwuahs xxx

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