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Cuteness Overload

More Total cuteness from The Manga Fair and I love it ♥

So many adorable items from such great designers you don’t want to miss out!


Head to Toe

Mad Echo Manga Expressions – Genki

(I have no idea what it says?)

[RA] Dandy Hair

.random.Matter. Miku Headphones Blue

{::GFD::} ~Sailor Tiara Moon Gacha  Rare

{PopTart} Pritty Lingerie Gacha (SailorBlue)

{PopTart} Kitsune Tail

[KRC] Anime Animal Bags Gacha Atremis Purse

Pomposity Long Anime/Manga Necklace Geek

.random,Matter. MisaMisa Anime Buttons

PANTSU*HUNTER Joestar Stocking for slink snow

**PoseWay** Raising Set Poses

Taxi to Manga Fair

Mmwuahs xxx



Wolf Princess

The Manga Fair is here and its even better then I could have imagined.

So many people have their different thoughts on what Manga is and its each to there own I hope I can show a few different styles starting with my favourite ♥


Head to Toe

[geek.] Wolf Princess Pak Black (Hood and Mask)

::TI:: Mesh Katana Black

[-S-] Skelly Top Ombre Black/White

Kaithleens Manga Pants Black

[,LAYOVER.] Meow Bento Boxes

{K} Sockies For Slink High


I adore this soo much and am so honoured to have been selected to blog this amazing event

Make sure you go check it out and grab everything you don’t want to miss out




Mwuahs xxx


Sooooooo Much Awesome Gear from RD Style <3

Soo I have soo much stuff to show you from RD Styles so I thought why not put it all into one post 🙂

Enjoy xxx



RD Style Renata #I & #II

Black Dot Project -25th June



RD Style Owl Bikini #I, #II & #III

Summer Fashion Festival



RD Style Lara #II Hippie Girls #II

The Summer of Love Fair

Soo many hot Summer items for you to drool over….got get them don’t miss out!!

Mmwuahs xxx

Taste it

If you can’t tell I so love the summer season and so in saying that I am struggling with the cold we are feeling. But I love sl I love that I can escape into this world and it can be summer everyday 🙂

So many wonderful thoughts and feelings that I associate with summer the taste of it the feel I love it 🙂

I can already see myself at the beach baking in the sun and its warming me up already.

I hope you like this taste of summer I have for you.



:::::ChicChica::::: Branca Shape




[PUMEC] .:INNA:. Skin – Summer


[ Infliction ] Jammin’ Top Yellow (Lola) // Cleavage


[ Infliction ] Jammin’ Shorts Trashed (Azz) // Cleavage


PMS – Everything Under The Sky (w slink and lola appliers)


:Diamante: Edge Rings (Slink Casual)


*REIGN – tootieFruity  Clutch Watermelon


*REIGN – TootieFruity Flops – Watermelon

Soo much cuteness loves loves loves

Mwuahs xxx

Im coming down with this [Infliction]

I think I may be coming down with something….my heart is beating faster my pupils keep dilating my breathing becomes quicker.

I get this hot flush that runs through my body ….what are you doing to me….what is this I’m feeling?

I don’t want this feeling to end I don’t want the cure if your my sickness



{AIMI} Skin Celine freckle Chocolate NEW!!


:::::ChicChica:::: Giovanna Shape


littlebones. Les Garcons


Casual Hands

High Feet


[Infliction Maisy Day Tee Black


[Infliction] Kleptic Skirt Skulls Black


[Infliction] Damnation Pumps Black


Reign Studded Headband Black


*BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs black


:Diamante: Edge Rings for slink Casual (never taking these off) ♥


.random,Matter. Abbandon Earrings Black


[ Infliction ] Beauty Case Group Gift


.twenty13. Slink av.enhance Blend 02


PMS Skeleton Tattoo // Thrift Shop

So many new wonderfully sexy items you need to get your hands on …gooo now

Mwuahs xxx

Sail Away

If I could get away right now I would I would step aboard that boat and sail off into the sunset.

We could chase the sunset to watch it set together dreaming of the future.

Im ready I am packed and ready to sail away….join me.


So I totally love and am in love with everything at C88 this round so I bought al of it lol but I wont blog it all I just wanted to show some love for this and show you the new skin from {AIMI} ♥


{AIMI} Celine Natural Freckle TYSM ♥


!lamb. Siren Chocolate Bars Pack // C88


Tee*fy Gianna Off Shoulder Top Crème // C88


Tee*fy Layla Wrapped Skirt Chevron/Blue //C88


Bens Boutique – Sailor Sandals


(Yummy) Anchor Necklace //C88


(Yummy) Anchor Earrings //C88

Taxi Rank



Broken Beaten and Scarred…

Some days will be harder then others its like a bruise…when you first get hurt it stings there is pain but it subsides then a nasty bruise pops up and when you touch it the pain comes back a reminder of the initial pain….

Bruises turn to scars an even deeper reminder of the pain but they don’t hurt anymore its just a memory.

Then one day even the scar fades and your whole again.

This is not a sad blog I am not so easily reverting back instead I see this as a renewal as a step forward….finding some one who sees the bruises and is careful not to poke them but instead helps rub soothing lotion to help them heal sooner.

^^ That right there is a huge old pile of cheese 🙂 Love it

Musical Inspiration

You rise you fall your down and you rise again
What don’t Kill you Makes you more strong
You rise you fall your down and you rise again
What don’t Kill you Made you more strong
Rise Fall down Rise again
What don’t Kill you Makes you more strong
Rise Fall down Rise again
What don’t Kill you Made you more strong
Through black days through black nights
Through pitch black insides

Breaking your teeth on the hard life coming
Show your scars
Cutting your feet on the hard earth running
Show your scars

Broken Beat and Scarred
But we die hard

PMS Aviator Glasses //Thrift Shop
[geek.] Medusa Headpiece Gorgon Barbie // Top Shelf Event
[geek.] Cerberpups Ash // Top Shelf Event
PMS Skullz N Roses Tattoo Pink // Thrift Shop
Ooo this was fun sitting here belting out some tunes via Karaoke in sl lol I got abit emotional but it was all worth it as I see it as all part of the healing
Mwuahs xxx

Thinking of you…

You know that moment when you hear a song and it instantly makes you smile and you start thinking of a moment in time or a certain person…..

well I call that cheesiness….and I love it.

So I woke after so few hours this morning to a song playing on the radio…I will save you all the cheesy details of the song lol

Well that song made me smile and I had to get up and use that smile as a motivation to come blog 🙂

For too long I have ben sad all woe is me I am soo sorry for that.

Believe me you may be begging for that old me to come back after a while lol

Okay big smile cheesy music lets show off some cuteness.



{AIMI} Taylor Skin Natural


+Spellbound+ Warrior


[hh] Vanilla’. Berry Outfit 50L for Hello Tuesday

Outfit comes with bangles , clutch and mid slink feet heels

Make sure you run down to Cosmo and grab this full outfit you wont be disappointed its gorgeous!!


Mwuahs xxxx

A shadow of my former self


Its not that I found a new me I found the old me shes just not complete yet.

Tonight has been fun the peace and quiet ruined by some crazy peeps that wont let me feel down again.

Thank you guys you truly make me smile.



[LoQ’ue] Merlot TDRF


AKERUKA Cowl Neck Dress TDRF


**Dirty Princess** Gladiator Couture Princess Mesh Boots


PMS Skeleton Tattoo Thrift Shop


[THD] Sexy LipGloss Black

Yes I am finding me again Woot!!

Mmwuahs xxx

Taking a Short Break

I am sorry for the late notice.

But due to some medical issues (mainly my head lol) I need to take a break.

If any one has read any blogs lately I may be seen to have gone off my rocker lol But for the last month or so I have seen that I really should have done this sooner.

To my sponsors I adore all of you and Ii do so hope that I still have the ability to blog for you when I come back.

I know you run a business and I am sorry  for not being able to help with that for the next few weeks.

But I don’t want to burn out and need to take a step away to save myself.

See you all in a few weeks and we will see how we do

Thank you all for you support and thank you to those that read and saw the cry for help and have helped make this suggestion of a break.

Well its 2 am again so I might go try to sleep….although I am counting the bricks on the wall and that’s very exciting lol

GoodBye for now

(Sorry there is no fancy see you soon banner I haven’t had that much time to really think I just had to act)

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